Our Purpose

Providing a lifeline of hope to individuals and communities

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lonely, worried, sad, or anxious?
Need someone to listen in a non-judgmental and empathetic way?
If so, then Community Helpline offers a confidential, safe, and empathetic space to talk and express what is on your mind!

We Listen, We Care, We Help....Just Call!

When you call, one of Community Helpline’s Crisis Listeners will answer your call. Our Crisis Listeners are trained to provide support and a non-judgmental listening ear to everyone, including at-risk individuals and families. We assist and connect individuals coping with mental health issues or concerns with support and services in order to prevent serious crises. 

If I call...who will I be talking to?

Our Crisis Listeners are highly trained paraprofessionals that will provide you with a non-judgmental listening ear, and are not trained to do therapy or give mental health and medical advice. Although our Crisis Listeners are skilled at providing an empathetic space to talk, they are not trained therapists, and our services are not a substitution for professional mental health care services. If you are interested in receiving therapy, our Crisis Listeners can provide you with a referral to assist you in finding a therapist.

Will everything I talk about be confidential?

Your call to Community Helpline is confidential, and our Crisis Listeners are trained to do just that: keep it confidential. However, there are situations where the law may require us to break confidentiality. This may occur when we learn of a situation where a child, elder, or dependent adult is being harmed and when we believe that someone’s life is in immediate danger.


Caller Appreciation

“Community Helpline is the only reason I believe in humanity.”

“Community Helpline shows love, care, nurture, and kindness—you guys are the greatest gift on the planet.”

“You [volunteers] are inspiring.”

“You [volunteers] really make a difference.”

“Community Helpline volunteers are life savers.”

“Thank you for the sincerity in your voice.”

“When I call you guys, I think, ‘here is someone wonderful who cares.'”

“I can feel the love.”


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